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WEireless Camera System

Hardware description

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4 .Installation diagram


1 Statement

Sincerely thanks for purchasing our products,pls contact us if any problem or requirement.This manual is network video recorder.

This user manual may contain incorrect place in technology,place not matching with product Function or operation, or printing mistake.

We will update our user manual according to our updating in produnct,and will periodically Improve or updating the product and programming.the updating content will add in the new User manual, We won't inform. If the product's description in user manual is inconsistent with the real products, pls based on the real products.

2 Safety cautions

1.Pls don't put a container with liquid on DVR (like Vase).

2.DVR should put at a ventilation place,and prevent clogged the ventilation hole.

3.Check the power voltage,in case if damage by wrong voltage.

4.DVR should work at the technical standard range of temperature and humidity.

5.Place DVR on level, pls avoid installing at a sharp pounding place.

6.Moisture dust in PCB will cause short,circuit,for long-term use of the DVR,you can Periodically remove dust in PCB by brush.

7.It will cause burst if replace battery in wrong way,we don't suggest user to replace by Himself,if need replace,only use the same type or equivalent type battery,pls don't try to Open or maintain the battery.

8.DVR installation need according to specification,you can take the national or local standard As reference.

3 Open-package inspection

After receive product,pls open the box, remove NVR and put it on suitable place.

gallery/camera location

The signal coverage of Antenna is similar to a round circle.Antenna located in center of the round circule,signal of surrounding is much stronger,but much weaker if antenna endpoints back off direction.according to the signal divergence characteristics of antenna,and in order to guarantee the video quality,IPC antenna should try to keep in parallel or tangent with NVR antenna.

5. Antenna location

: The HDD is not included.Products



Install Steps:
IMP : Install HDD after powering off NVR , After Installed, Power On and Format HDD using NVR Wizard.

1.Remove the screw of the dvr

2.Connect the HDD cable and power line

3.Assemble the screw,and fix the HDD in the bottom of NVR

4.Close the cover.

6 HD Install  Notice

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7. Rear Panel DescriptionProducts

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